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I am a leading personal trainer in Singapore. I have more than 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, bodybuilding, and coaching. Through Adrian Tan Fitness, I have trained numerous men and women through my customised personal training programmes. My clients have seen a tremendous improvement in the quality of their lives and achieved their ideal physiques.

Personal Training at Adrian Tan Fitness Singapore

One-on-One Personal Training

Customized face-to-face personal training for busy people

Adrian Tan Fitness provides quality one-on-one personal training in Singapore customized for busy people. With my rich experience in health and fitness, I will provide you with a customized nutrition and personal training plan. Each face-to-face session is typically one hour in length, and can be tailored to accommodate your schedule.

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Personal Training at Adrian Tan Fitness Singapore

Online Personal Fitness Coaching

Personalized online training plans suit for all abilities with 24/7 support.

Looking for personalised guidance on how to start getting fit? Adrian Tan Fitness Online Personal Coaching is what you need. Every plan is tailor made to suit your fitness level, body type and ability. You will receive personalised tips on training split, effective cardio schedules, and a tailored nutrition plan. What’s more, you can consult with me directly through email or text 24/7.

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Personal Training at Adrian Tan Fitness Singapore

Fitness after 40

Wonder how can you feel fit and look fabulous, even in your 40s?

Physically, your muscle mass is decreasing. Your flexibility plummets, and you will experience aches and pains throughout your body. Recovery also takes longer than before.

Fret not, with my individualized training and nutrition plans, you will enjoy your 40s while looking fit and fabulous. Increase your lean muscle mass while burning off those dread love handles. Through my customised personal training plans for those in their 40s, your hormone levels will be boosted naturally, and you will feel like you are in 20s, while looking younger and fresher than ever.

Don’t just take my word for it, because I’m a living and breathing example.

"I’ve helped many of my clients – both men and women, transform their physiques and improve the quality of their lives. "
Fitness Trainer at Adrian Tan Fitness, MuscleMania Physique Professional, Adrian Tan

Personal Training at Adrian Tan Fitness Singapore

Effective fat loss solutions

Looking to lose weight and improve your overall health? Through Adrian Tan Fitness, I can help you by teaching you how to build lean muscle and burn fats effectively through my customised personal training plans.

Personal Training at Adrian Tan Fitness Singapore

Preparing for a competition?

If you want to prepare yourself for a bodybuilding, physique, figure or bikini competition, Adrian Tan Fitness has the experience of being a multi-award winning national bodybuilding champion. I will guide you step-by-step through my competition preparation protocol and personal training techniques customised for your body type.

"I will personally guide you step-by-step. No cookie cutter plans here but I will send out detailed programs customized to your body type."
National bodybuilding champion: Adrian Tan

About Adrian Tan

Starting Out

How I started sculpting my physique

I was never athletic. I dabbled in different sports, but none of them caught my interest. In 1992, some of my friends started to do weight training in the gym. When I saw how their bodies changed before my very eyes, it changed my life completely.

Ever since, I immersed myself in everything related to bodybuilding and weightlifting. From nutrition to exercise principles to biomechanics, I applied my knowledge rigorously. My passion for fitness and bodybuilding taught me that I am responsible for taking care of my body from nutrition to sleep.

About Adrian Tan

Following my dreams

How I became a two-time Singapore National Bodybuilding Champion

After training for a few years, I entered my first National bodybuilding competition in 1997 and won welter weight class. Subsequently, I won my second National bodybuilding competition in 1998 when I was only 23. In 2014, I decided it was time to be turn professional. And, the rest as they say is, history.

• 1997 Singapore National Bodybuilding Championship – Champion, welter weight.

• 1998 Singapore National Bodybuilding Championship – Champion, middle weight.

• 2001 Singapore National Bodybuilding Championship – Champion, light middle weight.

• 2006 Singapore National Bodybuilding Championship – Champion, light middle weight and overall champion.

• 2011 Singapore National Bodybuilding Championship – Champion, light middle weight and overall champion.

• 2014 MuscleMania Asia Overall Champion – Physique division.

About Adrian Tan

Juggling family and fitness

How I maintain my physique while managing fatherhood

In 2015, I settled down with my wife, Devina, who shares my passion for being in the gym. Soon after, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into our lives. Despite winning plenty of trophies, Tobi brought me the greatest joy. Nothing will surpass the love I have for my little one.

But with a baby to care for, the dynamics certainly have changed. I experienced first-hand the difficulties of juggling a career with family responsibilites. My experience inspired me to start Adrian Tan Fitness to help normal people achieve fitness despite a busy lifestyle.

Yes, it is possible to do what we love and still have a fulfilling family life.

"Show me your commitment and I will show you results. "
National bodybuilding champion: Adrian Tan

How fit do you want to be 3 months from now?

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It is purely for personal training and we offer a conducive environment to get great results from. Shower and changing rooms are available.